Sales Keynote Presentations

Bring your conference or regional sales meeting to life with the dynamic energy of Bill Guertin as your speaker!

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Here are Bill's most requested presentations, delivered as either a keynote (40 minutes) or a longer-form breakout session (60-90 minutes):


"How to Become the '800-Pound Gorilla' In Your Market"

Get fired up to become a more dominant sales professional! An '800-Pound Gorilla' is the dominant player in any market whose tactics and techniques result in an 'unfair share' of the available business. Bill Guertin will inspire your attendees with a dynamic keynote message that features amazing examples from the behind-the-scenes world of sports sales, and how your group can duplicate the success of such dominant sales teams as those from the Miami Heat, San Francisco Giants, and Chicago Blackhawks.

Poised, electrifying, and charismatic, Bill knows how to move an audience! Bill presented an inspiring welcome address to our hundreds of ticketing executives at our three-day conference. Not only was his address rated among the top events of the conference, his book has recently become a must-read for my own staff... I would highly recommend Bill as a guest speaker to any event or organization looking to inspire their people and help them get that edge to succeed.

Molly A. Merez, Ph.D., Executive Director, Ticket Summit

800 Pound Gorilla of Sales bookBill Guertin is the author of three books on sales and marketing, including "The 800-Pound Gorilla of Sales: How to Dominate Your Market." He is a member of the National Speakers' Association, and has trained the ticket sales departments of over 60 professional sports teams, including several from the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, and NASCAR.


"Slam Dunk Spirit: How To Get It, Keep It, and Use It to Elevate Your Life"

When the world puts challenges in front of you, what will you do to ELEVATE beyond them? Bill Guertin has had the unusual experience of working with the ticket sales departments of over 60 professional sports teams. His message comes from unique "behind-the-scenes" experiences and insider stories from some of the most iconic and well-known sports teams in North America, including the Miami Heat, San Francisco Giants, and Chicago Blackhawks. Your group will be excited, entertained AND inspired to take action to achieve success no matter what the obstacles in their own lives.

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