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On-Demand Education


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The Gorilla Onboard sales onboarding program is anticipated to include an on-demand component for reps of all experience levels. UNDER DEVELOPMENT NOW; please e-mail Bill directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional information.

Sales Onboarding Program

Affordable sales training on YOUR timetable!

Gorilla Onboard

Ticket Sales Certification Program

Online Sales Training Solution for Pro Sports Teams

Give your reps a great start in their careers while giving you the freedom to manage your other responsibilities. The brand-new Gorilla Onboard Ticket Sales Certification Program gives your reps a professionally-produced, step-by-step "how-to" sales onboarding program, presented in a progression of short, to-the-point online video lessons.

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Webinars for Sports Teams

webinar-sports-teams"Education Express" Sales Skills Development Webinars

The latest sports sales techniques at a budget-friendly price! Each online training session is 30 minutes of solid information on a single topic each month, with sports-specific information that your sales team will be able to use and profit from right away.

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