Leadership Training

Give your managers and leaders the tools they need to help THEIR people grow with Stadium Gorilla's LIVE Leadership Development program

leadership-trainingTHE SALES MANAGER AS "GPS":

The GPS has become an indispensable piece of navigation equipment for millions of people. In a similar way, managers serve as the 'GPS' for the people they lead. Your staff is looking to their managers to guide them through the twists and turns they'll need to succeed in their careers, which is a VERY different job than being the best in sales, customer service, or any other front-line position.

This half-day or full-day program will give your managers the knowledge and the tools they need to fearlessly carry out their role as coaches, mentors, and leaders to help their staffs reach their full potential. It's a highly interactive, engaging program that will inspire your people to become the leaders you've asked them to be!

The "GPS" Program is often included as a part of a multi-day "Sales Dominance" sales training curriculum, or can be a stand-alone program.

Six of our managers – including myself - took part in Bill's GPS leadership program. Every one of us in the room felt like we better understood and can improve on our roles as leaders. Bill was flexible enough to allow us to steer the conversation in the direction of those things that were of the highest concern to us, and I would highly recommend it to any management team regardless of the size and experience level. This program really does give you a guide map to managing people successfully.

Frank Torres, Director of Ticket Sales
Spurs Sports & Entertainment (San Antonio Rampage)
1-day "GPS" Leadership Program: 1/2-day "GPS" Leadership Program:
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