Be Bold, Sell Out!

Stadium Gorilla has helped sports teams across the country sell out their games and generate more revenue. If you are looking to develop your sales team, increase revenue, and sell out, Stadium Gorilla can help.

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Our Partners

Proud sales training partners with these teams and many more:

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Sales Training that Works

Would you like your reps to return to their desks to find phone messages from customers who want to buy? Want to make their phone conversations more productive? Stadium Gorilla can give you the tools you need for sales domination.

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Sales Training for Non-Sports Companies

Stadium Gorilla helps a number of sales companies with leadership training, strategy consulting, and other tools that can be customized for your business needs.

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Online Training Anytime, Anywhere

Stadium Gorilla offers excellent online training options, including sports-specific webinars, sales onboarding programs, and on-demand training.

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It’s a sports sales training company with a mission:

to help your front-line sales reps and sales managers realize their full potential
 as relationship builders and revenue drivers for your sports organization.



Download your FREE copy of Bill's NEW sales book,

"Sales Dynamite: 21 White-Hot Chunks of Advice

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Bill's methods of introducing sales techniques are easy to apply, and builds up their confidence in their abilities right away. His role plays are challenging and fun, and it prepares them for results. Here's the proof: our Inside Sales groups have produced over $1M in new sales revenue each year that Bill has been here with us.

Jillian Paine, Inside Sales Manager, Boston Celtics (NBA)

After your training in February, we were able to surpass our entire sales budget by mid-May. We're on track to blow away every sales number we have this year. Everyone on the staff benefited from your training, from the new kids to the veteran sellers.

Steve DeSalvo, General Manager
Mississippi Braves (MiLB-AA)

Bill is clearly a leader in the sports industry when it comes to sales training. His approach is not only practical but his methods allow students to immediately apply what they have just learned. I can say firsthand that his model is designed specifically for the needs of each team.

Mike Humes, Chief Revenue Officer, Arizona Coyotes (NHL)

One of the best educators I've ever had - nothing compares to these lessons. It was real life, but  fun and extremely engaging.

Alison Mavish, Inside Sales Representative
Chicago White Sox (MLB)