About Stadium Gorilla

Stadium Gorilla is the professional sports division of The 800-Pound Gorilla, and works specifically with the sales departments of professional sports teams in the NBA, NFL, NHL, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, NASCAR, and others to generate increased sales of season tickets, group tickets, premium seating, and team sponsorships.

Bill GuertinBill Guertin is an expert sales professional, thought leader, author, speaker, and CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer) of The 800-Pound Gorilla, a sales skills development company involved in training, consulting, and speaking to a wide variety of sales and marketing organizations.

When you talk to Bill, you'll know he's the "real deal". He's genuinely concerned about you and your sales team, and he'll partner with you to help you empower your reps with the skills they need to fill the house.

Bill's programs are all focused on getting you the results you need, and often include a combination of his outstanding Webinars, online training materials, live on-site sales skills development and sales managers' leadership programs.